lightroom blunders!

Photography plays a big role in my life. Therefore, so does Adobe products Lightroom and Photoshop. And being a graphic designer, Photoshop has played a part in my life since it’s inception!
Lightroom, on the other hand – I started using only 6 months ago.¬† I was adamant I would NEVER – use it and certainly never enjoy it’s features, which partly overlap with photoshop’s features. This is Adobe’s description.
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country living in the city

With Storm now on the verge of heading overseas, and organising all our belongings to go into storage, I accepted a sit that started a couple days after we finished packing up our home.
What a fun housesit looking after chooks and quails for a young family group while they enjoyed a road trip holiday! ūüôā¬†Certainly a¬†touch of country right next to the city! A really quaint home with everything readily available,¬†it did have¬†wifi¬†BUT, NO TV!
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ragdoll playfulness

I have lived in Brisbane now for 3 years and have never taken the opportunity to visit Toowoomba, so one of the first ads I saw the day I signed up to Aussiehousesitters was just a weekend sit in that area.
I was still living in my home till the end of March, but thought, why not apply and see if this sit is still available and head away for the weekend if it was. Toowoomba only an easy hour and a half drive away.
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