lightroom blunders!

Photography plays a big role in my life. Therefore, so does Adobe products Lightroom and Photoshop. And being a graphic designer, Photoshop has played a part in my life since it’s inception!
Lightroom, on the other hand – I started using only 6 months ago.  I was adamant I would NEVER – use it and certainly never enjoy it’s features, which partly overlap with photoshop’s features. This is Adobe’s description.

“In addition to media management capabilities, Lightroom contains a set of tools that allow photographers to manipulate images. In short, think of Photoshop as an image editing tool while Lightroom is an image management tool with some limited image editing capabilities.”
So whilst I use it mostly for sorting and storage and it was slowly becoming a quick way for me to find images I was after, I had used it LOADS for editing shots. And have grown, to love it, wondering how I took so long to utilise it within my workpath!

A couple weeks ago though  – I did something – well, silly. Without thought.

With a couple of events coming up with Canon Australia, and space on my harddrive becoming more and more limited, I was cleaning up files trying to gain room on my harddrive. (NO, i dont have a multitude of storage and backups, but now realise it is perhaps time, I should).

Discovering a folder in my ‘pictures’ just called lightroom – I go in to check what it was, as I don’t recall ever setting one up. It was full of just lots of numbered files with empty number files inside. So while it seemed to be hungry for space on my drive, it gave the appearance of  not much happening inside. Figure. It’s junk. A non important file, created somewhere along the way. So boom. Delete. That quick. That easy.

Guess what. (for those of us among the ‘don’t know’! )
I guess. It’s created by lightroom and stores just the ‘data’ of some description of libraries and edits and collections created?!

Guess what number 2.
I then  – NO longer had, libraries or edits or collections in light room. NADA. NOTHING. It had become an empty canvas of program.

Having owned lightroom for a couple years through adobe (im a graphic artist so it came as part of my design package) I went to my first LR workshop with Colin at Canon in Brisbane only back in November, but since then had started utilising and ‘creating’ in there – all gone. Hours upon hours upon hours, upon hours, then upon more hours – of sorting and edits and 1-5 star’ing, and flagging and colour coding. Gone!

I was mixed between laughing. Or crying. Or both.

Spose the positive is – it didn’t of course, delete the original photos! But by golly. Hours of work deleted, by me, with one easy click.
They say things are quicker second time around? whoever ‘they’ is – never had 50,000+ photos sitting on their computer!!

Over the past couple days I have actually had the time to sit and at least load everything back in, and now, to start the sort.

But, the good news, it means I get to look through photos that have sat in the ether, many that – we tend never to get back to despite all well meaning (*i will sort through ALL those photos ‘later’ ‘tomorrow’ ‘next week’ ‘another day’ ‘soon’ ‘i will assign a whole day to it’ ‘a will devote an hour a day’)

This photo here as an example, is a foggy start up in the Atherton Tablelands where I was housesitting, on new years day – first sunrise of the year.
Canon 7d | 1/200 sec | f3.5 | ISO250

NYC Sightseeing Pass